Leadership Development

We are a Team of diverse, yet like-minded individuals united by a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, ourselves and our planet; and by our commonly-shared values.

Role-Based Programs

Based on our years of experience with diverse clients, we have curated programmes for specific roles, mainly for Aspiring Managers, First-Time Managers and Senior Leaders. These programmes help paint an initial picture for us to then customise it based on your specific needs

Aspiring Managers

First-time Managers

Senior Leaders

Signature Modules

Throughout the years, we have developed our own tools and leverage on renown tools to address specific behaviours and skills. Here is a glimpse of the tools that we normally use, however, if you have a need, we most likely have a module that we have delivered across our markets to address that need.

Terra Nova™ Simulation

Green Line Conversations

Business Today™ Simulation

Power of Attitude


To be great leaders, it is important to have high Self Awareness. We offer assessment tools to help Individual employees and Teams understand themselves better, eventually leading the way for a growth mindset and address developmental areas.

Individual Assessment:
DISC 2.0

Individual Assessment:
360 Assessment

Team Assessment:
5 Dysfunctions

FAQs for leadership development

Why is leadership development important?
How can organizations develop leadership skills?
Who is responsible for the leadership development process?
How does a good leader build a team?

About Us

Flowgroup is a global human development consultancy group that helps individuals, teams, and organizations transform and grow. We offer customized programs in leadership, culture, and innovation that address the unique needs of our clients.

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