Terra Nova™
To question and trigger your organization's need for CHANGE

Terra Nova™ Leadership simulation helps your team overcome chaos and thrive in conditions of uncertainty.

The program is proven to be useful for;


who is interested in increasing their efficiency and succeeding in achieving their results


who is interested in a strong team, strong leaders and would like to create an atmosphere of excellence in their teams


who needs leadership skills, an effective way of thinking and a strong team of like-minded people

Points of growth and efficiency improvement

The “Hero’s Journey” program allows you to metaphorically look at the stages of development of a business, project, team and find points of growth and increased efficiency.


This one-day intensive is about how a leader who is constantly in a difficult situation can handle the blow. How to cope with difficult conditions, extract lessons and energy from them, and how to be able to use this impulse to make a leap forward. How to maintain yourself in a resourceful state and lead your team.

Participants will experience the following:

1. Taken to new heights

How to master algorithms for solving complex business problems (uncertainty, high risks, big challenges).

2. Ignite themselves and the team


Understand how to include company employees in active work for results. Try new behaviors and see their positive impact in action.

3. Power to Influence


How to build an effective attitude to what is happening and find energy in activities every day.

4. Working with a team in highly challenging situation

How to rally a team around a common goal, create team spirit and maintain it over the long haul.

5. Address key risks, doubts, anxiety

How to use them to strengthen your position and transform it from something that makes you nervous and worried into something that strengthens you and focuses you on achieving results.

6. Overcoming difficult situations and in crisis 

How to resolve crisis situations with minimal expenditure of resources (including moral ones).

Feedbacks from Participants

Terranova is a very fun experiential learning experience, taking components of everything in the business putting it into a very fun and learning way for us to learn.

Wen-Li, Ho
AVP Talent, Astro

It (Terranova) can simulate our learning and thinking what is usually going on in the company, I believe it would be able to reap the benefit from transferring the simulation to real-life and make things better.

Jumaah Melan
Head of HR, Natura Malaysia

I would recommend this training, because on the one hand it allows you to shake up the team, and on the other hand it allows you to get answers to those questions that employees would like to ask in everyday life, but for some reason cannot ask them.
Andrey Myakinchenko
General Director, Nutricia

Terra Nova is not a training where you will be taught new skills, it is a simulation in which you will be given the opportunity to look at yourself, your business, your team, your manager from the outside.

Larisa Ermoshkina
General Director, Sphere

Communicating with leaders in different areas, we notice that everyone is faced with solving complex problems in business and life.

However, a difficult task requires an internal change in who is working on it. It is necessary to reach a qualitatively new horizon of thinking. Otherwise, the task simply does not fit into the personality.

Therefore, we decided to supplement the program with the author’s master class on effective thinking. When you reach the next level, the colors become brighter. Everything feels different. These are new opportunities, a new quality of life, a new degree of harmony with oneself.

This master class will help you understand:

How to achieve results at work easily and with pleasure
How to become the author of your career and life

How not to “burn out” in the process of achieving goals, while maintaining your effectiveness and sense of life.

This is an activity that changes the attitude of employees towards their work.

Why is this so important? Because the results of any company directly depend on the attitude towards it.

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