Cultural Transformation

We are a Team of diverse, yet like-minded individuals united by a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, ourselves and our planet; and by our commonly-shared values.

What we do

Transforming your culture isn’t a cookie-cutter job. We all have unique DNA, and our workflows should reflect that. The companies who’ll thrive? They’ll rewrite the script, crafting their own future of work.

Forget empty talk, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Big changes, bold moves – that’s the ticket. Think big picture, but prioritize with laser focus. And remember, every action echoes. Build a culture that champions both employees and the world they inhabit. That’s how you transform, not just talk about it.

So, where do you start? By asking these five questions:

We make change happen

Setting the Baseline

Key to transforming culture is to engage and involve employees throughout the process from the very beginning. We help you understand what makes you YOU, through various methodologies such as surveys, focus groups, interviews and simulations. This is followed by a Culture Design Workshop to define what is needed to galvanise employees towards achieving organizational goals.

Crafting Interventions

Congratulations! You now have a vision of what culture you NEED! We collaborate with you to design various interventions related to employee behaviours & skills, structural and process related issues that hampers the achievement of your desired organizational culture.

Sustaining the New Culture

Culture is a living thing. It evolves every single day with new direction, strategies, employees, mentality etc. It is something that constantly needs to be assessed and reviewed in order for organisations to fully leverage on its culture. We help craft a Culture Management framework as well as project manage any interventions to ensure a sustainable roll out.

How we work with you


We collaborate with clients to create solutions. Our advisors help identify and address challenges and find opportunities for change.

Relevance & ROI

We provide customized solutions that are relevant to your industry to help you reach specific business goals and ensure real results.

People Focus

We believe that the people who work for an organization know it best. By helping them to lead and work together, we can help the organization change and improve over time.

Backed By Design

We use design thinking and agile methods to guide our advice. This way, all changes are small and will work in the future.

About Us

Flowgroup is a global human development consultancy group that helps individuals, teams, and organizations transform and grow. We offer customized programs in leadership, culture, and innovation that address the unique needs of our clients.

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