Innovation Consulting

We provide innovation consulting services that combine design thinking, lean startup, and agile development to create a culture of innovation in your organization. Our experts identify opportunities, develop prototypes, and implement successful solutions for your company’s growth and success.

A method grounded in agility and iteration

FLOW uses a flexible and repetitive method to make new things. We use exploration, expert skills, and our approach to keep improving and testing your ideas.

How we can help

Design Sprint Facilitation

We bring your teams through the design thinking process from validating end users needs to developing prototypes and a business case to transform.

Innovation Framework 

(Governance and Management)

Organisations want to innovate but don’t usually know where to start, we help customise a framework that best suit your needs, whether through an incremental or a big-bang approach. We have organised innovation competitions, hackathons, and labs to solve real business needs.


Design Thinking Up-skilling


Our modules range from a 90-minute awareness master class, 1-Day Design Thinking Introduction to 5-Day DT Practitioners to equip them with all the tools to run their own DT Sprints.

About Us

Flowgroup is a global human development consultancy group that helps individuals, teams, and organizations transform and grow. We offer customized programs in leadership, culture, and innovation that address the unique needs of our clients.

Regional Office 

(South East Asia)

(T) +60 12 451 9007



KL Eco City, Level 20,  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia